Never before has Stained Glass been so popular and accessible to the beginner. Technological advances in tools and equipment, along with learning effective techniques will make mastering this craft a rewarding process!


New students can start a Beginner Class at any time, as they’re mainstreamed into ongoing classes. Our class size is small, and unlike most classes where all beginners start at once, this class helps to avoid the frustration of waiting for attention… with all of the others waiting for attention. An added bonus is that current students are very helpful in assisting the new person as well!

If you find at the completion of the 6 week class that you would like to keep coming, per diem classes are available. You can continue to come at your regular class time (or drop into another class if there’s room) for $25.00 a class, 2.5 hours. This can be scheduled week to week, working around your schedule.

This Package supplies student with quality tools and sundries to achieve the finest results in fabricating stained glass pieces. A savings of $50.00 if purchased separately.

$150.00 Includes 6 weeks of class, 2.5 hours of class each week @ $25.00 a week.
$200.00 Quality Tool and supplies kit.

The deluxe tool kit includes:

Toyo Oil Fed Pistol Grip Cutter, Mika 100 Watt Soldering Iron, 60/40 1 Lb. Spool of Solder, Leponitt Grozier Pliers, Leponitt Springed Running Pliers, Morton System Jig Package (8pc.), Edco 7/32 Black Backed Copper Foil, 18″ Cork Backed Ruler, Novacan Cutting Oil, Old Masters Flux, Jax Pewter Black Patina, Liva Stained Glass Polish, Pro Edge Xacto Knife, Burnishing Fid, Flux Brush, Black Fine Point Sharpie, Silver Metallic Sharpie

Cost of materials are not included in the Beginner Class package.


Hands on assistance with any aspect of stained glass fabrication, from designing to soldering. Instructor works right with student.


Classes are on a week to week sign-up basis with flexible class times. Available to anyone, no need to be a previous student. No time commitment. Come for one night or consecutive classes.

Payment may be made in cash or by check; credit and debit cards are NOT accepted.