Extensive selection of glass from full size factory sheets to hobby sheets. We get many positive comments on our variety of Art Glass, and Clear Textured glass.

We Will cut to suit customer’s size needs if possible.

Also available are straight line bevels, bevel clusters, assorted sizes and colors of glass nuggets and jewels.

We cary glass from: Spectrum, Wissmach, Bullseye, Armstrong, and Kokomo.


Studio Line and Weller Soldering Irons, Toyo Pistol Grip cutters , Leponitt Narrow Jaw Breaker Groziers, Leponitt Running Piers, Leponirr Grozing Pliers, Cork backed rulers, Morton System jig packagesXuron Flush Cutters-THE best tool for cutting 1/8” Channel, Techiglass and Aanraku Grinder bits, and other assorted sundries. Grinders and Taurus ring saws are in stock as well.


Large selection of Books, featuring Patterns, Lampshades, Architectural, Wildlife, Birds, Flowers, Lighthouses, Mosaics, Instructional, and many more.


All Chemicals – Flux, Patina, Wax, Cutting Oil, Grinder Coolant, Mark Stay (for saw work). Kwick Clean Spray, C&J Flux and Patina Remover for cleaning finished stained glass pieces, and MUCH MORE!


Solder, Zinc channeling, Edco Copper Foil (copper, black backed, silver, new wave, and sheet foil)in a variety of thicknesses. Pre-tinned wire from 14-20 gauge. Morton Strong Line for reinforcing larger pieces.

Payment may be made in cash or by check; credit and debit cards are NOT accepted.